SuperWinch (1140232) Winch2Go SR - Synthetic Rope Winch, 4,000 lbs. Pull Capacity


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The Superwinch Winch2Go features innovative Winch-in-a-Box contruction, and offers a variety of uses for home, work, road, or play. The Winch2Go comes with all the gear and accessories you need for any job, including snatch block, straps, shackles, and even a pair of winch gloves. Be assured, the Winch2Go is a very capable system and offers all of the benefits of a full-featured hard-mounted winch, including a quick connect 12 VDC power cord, 8,000 lb snatch block, up to 4,000 lbs direct pulling capacity, solid steel baseplate with integrated hawse fairlead, 40 feet of UV-certified Dyneema Synthetic Rope with Heavy-Duty clevis pinned, latched hook, and rugged 12 ft wired handheld remote. Never get stranded again, regardless of weather or terrain. The Winch2Go only needs a basic anchor point for recovery. If there is a rock, tree, or vehicle to anchor to, the Winch2Go can do the rest.

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  • All your winching gear, in one easy tackle box. Meet the Superwinch Winch2Go - it's ready to hop in your trunk, sit on your atv/snowmachine, hang off your receiver hitch or bolt down to your trailer. Everything you need, in one simple package.
  • Superwinch's Winch2Go comes with 3 Shackles, two straps, one pulley block (capable of pulling up to 8,000 lbs), handheld remote, 10 foot battery leads and official Superwinch leather gloves. It's clear to see why SuperWinch included a way to lock the Winch2Go with all this loot packed inside.
  • Superwinch's Winch2Go adds more go with stock pre-wired quick disconnects. Simply plug the battery leads and remote and you're ready to winch. Both sockets are recessed to prevent damage.
  • Use the four bolt holes in the winch base to permanently mount or use the included straps to secure the winch for a pull. Two-hole mounting is available as well for pulls under 4,000 lbs. For portable pulls, using a double line technique you can pull up to 8,000 lbs.
  • Limited Two Year Warranty


Brand Superwinch
Cable Length 3/16 inch x 50 feet
Cable Material Synthetic Rope
Fairlead Aluminum Hawse
Line Pull 4,000 lbs.
Line Speed 20 ft. per min.
Motor 1.4 HP
Motor Amp Draw 20 amps 12V
Dimensions 18.1in L x 12.0in W x 7.6in H (459.7mm L x 304.8mm W x 193.0mm H)
Warranty 2 Year Warranty