Transit Strap with RTJ Hooks

Ancra International

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Transit Strap with RTJ Hooks

Product Details

Commonly used to tie-down most vehicles during transit. The cluster hooks are called "RTJ" because each hook has its own purpose per application. Just choose the hook style and place it into the factory hole on the vehicle's underside and simply ratchet away to tie-down.

The "R" hook is for Ford models and has a 25,000 lb breaking strength/8,333 lb working load limit. The "T" hook is for GM/Chrysler models. This hook is rated at 16,000 lb breaking strength/5,333 working load limit. The "J" hook is utilized for foreign applications. This hook has a 12,000 lb breaking strength/4,000 lb working load limit.

The dimensions of the strap is 2" wide x 6 feet in length with a fixed end of 14 inches. Assembled with a durable latex-treated polyester webbing and ratchet buckle. The fixed end features a articulated E-track fitting and the adjustable end features the RTJ cluster hook.

  • Per federal D.O.T. requirements, working load limit is 1/3 of the rated capacity
  • Ratchet is equipped with a large, easy to use grip
  • Includes RTJ hooks, ratchet, E-track tie-down and strap


Brand Ancra International
Width 2 inch
Length 6 feet
Breaking Strength 3,000 lbs.
Working Load Limit 1,000 lbs.