Reese 30K Low Profile Fifth Wheel Hitch


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30K Fifth Wheel Low Profile Hitch

Product Details

This low profile design can be vertically adjusted 3 inches to permit level trailering (9.5 inches to 12.5 inches) above vehicle deck. Side-tilt design reduces vehicle frame stress, creating a smoother, more comfortable ride and making hook-up and un-hook much easier. Built for serious trailering; especially designed for use on medium duty conversion trucks.

  • Specially designed and engineered for the serious tower, primarily on medium-duty conversion trucks.
  • Actuating handle is more easily accessible than most fifth wheels, making hook-up quicker and more convenient.
  • Clearances are engineered to enable use in conjunction with Reese folding gooseneck hitches (30K only).
  • Footprint of 28" by 17"
  • No Rails Necessary! Mounts directly to truck bed. Requires minimum of 1/2" thick steel plate bed that is securely fastened to frame.
  • Will not fit trucks with standard corrugated bed or with beds shorter than 6 ft in length, flareside or stepside
  • Requires grade 8 attaching hardware, sold separately


Brand Reese
Gross Towing Weight (WC) 30,000 lbs.
Vertical Load 7,500 lbs.